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Jetty Projects

 Completion and development of oil products export/import facilities in BandarAbbas

Summary of project:

Commissioning of four meter ultrasonic 16 instrument and 5 meter ultrasonic 12 instruments and installation and operation of two prover 24 crude resid and blended products systems  


Capability of measuring imported or exported products 
Capability of measuring imported or exported crude resid
Capability of stabilizing measures of crude resid and measurement of products 

Pipeline total length and size-
ProductCrude resid, gasoline, gasoil and ATK
pumping capacity-
Number of pumping stations-
Number of receiving terminals-
Estimated LoadsThree skid meter and two prover machines along with control panel and instrumentation and related equipment
ContractorsBehtaz System Co.
Investment500 billion Rials (total project) (approximately $15 million)

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