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Jetty Projects

 Updating Mahshahr Exporting Port

Summary of project:​

Updating and reconstruction of old equipment inMahshahr exporting port to raise the productivity potential to meet growing needs for exports and imports of oil products in the coming years.


Updating current facilities 
Renovation and increasing storage capacity of tanks
Loading and offloading capacity of oil products 
Mobilizing new jetties with advanced control systems 
Dredging and berthing capacity of 80,000 tons ships 
Export of crude resid, kerosene, gas condensates, gasoil, gasoline and so on
Import of gasoline, MTBE and gasoil 
Export of variety of ship fuel (Bunkering) 

​Estimated Loads
  • Soil excavation: 27,000 cubic meters
  • ​Concrete reinforce 2,516,000 kgs
  • ​​159,500 square meters concrete area
  • ​​31,500 cubic meters of concrete
  • ​​1,360,000 meters of pipelines
  • ​​316,000 inches in diameter pipes welding operation.
  • ​​*Construction of 17 new storage tanks with 3,500,000 barrels storage capacity
  • Construction of channels to lead 15,000 meters of surface waters
  • ​Construction of industrial and non-industrial buildings being 25,889 square meters
  • ​​15.5 kms of roads
  • Installation of 724 kms cables
  •         ​​Commissioning two 16 kms 132.33 kilovolt power transmission lines and construction of 132 kilovolt main station in Mahshahr and exporting port


  • ​​​Demolition and construction of six new jetties
  • Pounding 16,000 meter centrifuge
  • Pounding 2,500 meter metal
  • 7,000 cubic meters concrete
  • ​16,500 meters pipelines

​2,500,000 cubic meters dredging



Basic Design Consultant: No-Andishan Design Consultant Engineering Co.

Jobsite Supervision: Energy Industries Engineering and Designing Company


Offshore: Khatam-ul-Anbia Headquarters, Omran Sahel Co.

Onshore: Aram Machine Building Co.

Investment7,000 billion Rials (Approximately $212 million) ​

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